The Suffolk Fedora Guinea Wrap (Maroon)

The Suffolk Fedora Guinea Wrap (Maroon)


This eye-catching wool felt Suffolk Fedora acquires many similar elements to the pheasant feather wrap, but rather hand finished with an exquisite guinea feather wrap. 


Sizing information:

Extra Small

53 - 54cm


55 - 56cm


57 - 58cm


59 - 60cm

Extra Large

61 - 62cm

Please note as these are natural feathers the colours may vary very slightly.


Care instructions

The Suffolk Fedora is made from 100% wool felt and can be worn throughout all seasons.


Wearing your hat in wet weather

This Fedora is water resistant and is fine in a light rain shower. If it becomes wet, shake off excess water and leave to dry slowly indoors. Do not place on or near direct heat as this may cause it to misshape.



We advise to keep away from direct sunlight when storing.


Keeping your hat clean

We recommend using a lint clothes roller to remove any dust or dirt. For stubborn marks, a damp sponge can be used or alternatively a hat brush. If dealing with mud please allow the mud to dry first before trying to clean.